We are a boutique private equity and investment banking firm with a focus on small and medium size enterprises. By combining our leadership expertise from private equity, investment banking, business management, and consulting we have created a firm that is well positioned to help companies to faster growth, or to an optimal exit.  

We saw a gap in the market where exceptional entrepreneurs have opportunities to scale but may lack financial resources or expertise to achieve their goals.  Many of these entrepreneurs haven’t received proper attention from investors, buyers or other capital market participants. betterCap was formed with a commitment to invest in entrepreneurs who are aspiring to reach that next phase of growth or to advise those looking to make a strategic exit.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the hard work, dedication and discipline it takes. Our promise is to provide unbiased and honest advice. Integrity is everything to us. It is about long-lasting partnerships, having fun and creating win/win outcomes. 

That's what our name is all about - Better Capital, Better Partnerships, Better Results.